Song Request Issues

Hey guys I’m having 2 issues with the song reuqest feature of Nightbot while streaming and I would appreciate any help

  1. Because most songs from youtube that play during my stream get muted in my past broadcasts, I limit requests and my own playlist to sound cloud only. So i created a playlist of 260 songs on soundcloud and imported the link to the Playlist under Song Requests in the Nightbot App, but it says “Showing 1 to 10 of 161 entries” on the bottom. Why aren’t all my songs able to get imported?

  2. This one is a real pain in the ass. When my viewers request a song with “!sr [soundcloud link],” they frequently get an API error that doesnt allow the request to go through. But other than that, after a request has been made and DOES go through, the Queue in AutoDJ does not get updated and I need to click on “Playlist” (which stops the music from AutoDJ/ the stream) to load the requested songs and then click back to AutoDJ and manually start the queued songs again. The first time i ran this program, all song requests immediately made their way to the top of the Queue in AutoDJ and I did not have to click back and forth from Playlist and back… any idea what happened here?

Please let me know if you guys have answers to these questions! i would really appreciate it

  1. The songs your importing could have multiple issues mainly, they not allowed to be embedded, or Soundcloud’s API is not allowing us that information.
  2. Related issue - SoundCloud API Error - reopened

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