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Song request help

I’m a mod on a stream, and for some reason one of our viewers get the error message of “@UserName → There was an error requesting the song. Error: unauthorized”

Other users can and have requested the same song. It makes no difference what song this user requests, its always the same error message.

Hey @toffee_bear!

Is it possible the viewer in question is not subscribed and the song requests userlevel is set to Subscriber?

they are not subscribed but neither is another user that managed to request the song.

What are your song requests settings?

so all songs that can be requested have to be whitelisted on nightbot, Subs can request as many as they want, unsubbed can have two in the Q at one time.

If I had to guess the user disabled their Nightbot account, which prevents them from using Nightbot in streams too. They can reactivate it by logging in at

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