Song request for everyone, but song commands for mods?

Is there any way to have all of the song commands such as “!songs skip” set to mods only, but have “!songrequest” for everyone? (I want everyone to request songs, but only have mods skip or pause them) I have searched and checked the forums for an answer but have not found one.

This is the default behavior, so I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Whenever i have song request set to everyone, but have the default !songs command set to mod, only mods can request a song. Any solutions? (I tried an alt that is subbed and got a random to try and only mods can request)

The !songs command should be set to everyone not mods.

Will that only allow mods to skip or pause a song?

Yes, since there are forced permissions within subcommands.

Thank you very much. Nightbot has helped my channel become interactive and grow with the songs. Have a wonderful evening.

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