Song request/current song

Do I need to do anything in particular for Nightbot Beta to pick up songs being played, playlist or song requests? The install did not provide any documents in users/documents/nightbot(I had to manually add the folder) and there is nothing picking up the current song. Do I need to run Currentsong.exe still and if so, how do I get it to stop throwing this ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘encode’ message?

I think your split between two different programs and versions of Nightbot.

The Nightbot Beta doesn’t use the downloaded currentsong.exe, as that was for the outdated Nightbot.

What you want is the Nightbot App. The Nightbot application will create the folder upon opening the App which will update with AutoDJ.

I downloaded that and it just installed Nightbot application, which created no folder.

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That’s basically the issue. Upon install, no folder was created in user/documents/ and there is no record of songs.

The Nightbot application should create the folder and file upon starting the Beta App, not the installation. And then using AutoDJ will update the songs.

I’ve been running the beta app for maybe 7 hours now and no file has been created

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I just fixed it. Either need to have him part and re-join or run as admin. One of the 2 worked.

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