Song Length limit

Yeah, I know it’s been asked a lot. That’s kind of the point. You keep shutting this down saying no one wants it and then no one can reply to the topic.

Why can’t we adjust this. We want the ability to adjust this on our own. If you don’t want songs longer than 10 minutes, don’t play them. Don’t tell me I can’t though :expressionless:

For the love of all that is NightBot, please give us this feature.

You can’t even override this from the web interface as the streamer…

Youtube EDa0EpfpwW0 is a great example of something you’re all missing out on by not allowing this.

We have no current plans to allow songs greater than 10 minutes to be request. This prevents people from requesting long mixes or other miscellaneous videos which are not songs, and ensures 1 request does not dominate the queue for too long. This solves many problems despite there being a handful of songs that may be affected by this restriction.

Many of the limits and restrictions that exist today are the result of feedback given over the past 8 years. In software development you cannot please everyone, so you try to please the majority of people. The truth is that this hasn’t “been asked a lot” and isn’t a thing worth changing at this time.

Why can’t I choose what I want though? I’m not suggesting getting rid of that feature. I’m simply suggesting giving me the option to either adjust the time limit or to disable it on my own stream while letting others keep it active.

I would also argue that it hasn’t been asked 100 times because people see responses like this and don’t want to fight. They don’t want to be told their idea is stupid so why bother even trying.

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