Song Length Limit Adjustment?

So I’ve really been enjoying the search function of the Nightbot Song Request, so that my viewers don’t need to always have a YouTube window open to manually copy/paste video links. I also love what I call “SR Gambling” where you just throw some fun words after a !sr and see what comes up. We’ve discovered a lot of really cool music that we otherwise never would have found, especially some really cool cover songs.

Now SR is the only function of Nightbot that I even use anymore since learning how to use Streamlabs Chatbot. However, the hard-limit of 10 minutes per song is really really annoying. Both I and my community like a lot of old RPGs and every time somebody wants to listen to, say, Dancing Mad from FF6, and we have to go manually find a version that has the whole last “act” of the song cut off to fit it under 10 minutes, it makes me want to just use SLOBS for song requests, even if it does take away my beloved SR Gambling.

I have seen a few older posts about this dating from 2015 to about mid 2017, and the Dev responses have been both dismissive and patronizing.
Examples of past Dev and Support responses to similar requests and inquiries
“10 min is more than enough time for a song.”
" Long songs do not promote the primary purpose of song requests"
“Most music videos shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes by themselves.”
“10 minutes is just too long for any song to be played on song request and it essentially turns off users from requesting their own songs.”
“you shouldn’t be using Nightbot AutoDJ.”
“If you’re requesting something greater than 10 minutes then it’s not a song any longer and you should consider using another media player for that content.”
“If a long is greater than 10 minutes then it isn’t made for song request. Use another player/service to play songs for a greater length.”

So to get to the point, is there anything in the works to update this now that years have passed and there is obviously STILL user demand for such a function? Maybe give streamers the option of either longer or shorter time limits on songs instead of telling us what is best for our vastly different styles and communities?

Now I did come across one respectful response from a Support Volunteer that actually addressed the person who posted such a request from just a few months ago.
“Such a feature is not planned, because it’s not a good feature for the platform and is only wanted by a small number of users”

So I would like to add my name here to the “small number” of Nightbot users who would very much enjoy such a feature. If you, too, feel that being able to adjust the length of songs in the Nightbot Song Request function is a feature you would also like to see, maybe drop a word of support and the Devs will see this so they can properly assess the actual demand from their user base.

Thanks for your time,

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