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Hey there. I’m completely new to all of these variables and I can’t find much information anywhere. Essentially I’m modding a music channel and they have a tradition of playing the Duck Tales theme atleast once a stream. I was hoping to make a command that essentially brings up the song count from streamersonglist whenever you type !ducktales. I followed a few tutorials but couldn’t get the count to work. The tutorials themselves weren’t aimed at such a specific subject so I assume that’s precisely why it didn’t work. I’m not entirely sure if such a thing is even possible. Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated

Hey @Shnoorum!

Unless streamersonglist has an API, which I’m not aware of, you can use the $(count) variable and increment it every time the song is sung.

You can have the command for everyone to have a look at the counter:

!addcom !ducktales Duck Tales count: 0

And then the command for mods to update the counter:

!addcom !addduck -ul=mod -a=!editcom !ducktales Duck Tales count: $(count)

Shall give it a go and see how I get on. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help

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