Some of my BTTV emotes keep missing in Discord

Hey there…

We have 64 BTTV emotes on my friends channel and all work fine. Now we synced Discord an only see 56 of the 64 BTTV emotes here oin Discord. We tried syncing again and again, but still only 56 BTTV emotes on Discord.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help and stay healthy y’all!

Hey @tozed!

If your emotes files are heavier than 256kb, they won’t be uploaded to Discord as it’s the file size limit.

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Hm, thanks…

But I am talking about regular gif-emotes like “monkaWeeb”, “popCat”, “CatKool”, “peepoGiggles” etc. Seems like the missing emotes are the 8 what are added recently to the channel. Plus there are emotes with a larger size, like “peepoLeanOnBusStopPole” working fine on Discord…

I am confused…

Have you checked the size of the emotes that aren’t syncing?

Go to your BTTV dashboard, right-click on them and click Save As..., then right-click on the file and go to Properties and look at the size of the file, if it’s over 256kb it’s normal it doesn’t sync.

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Ok, done and not confused anymore.

I also have the answer, why the “peepoLeanOnBusStopPole” emote is working in Discord. Someone has worked on it and reuploded it so BTTV with only 249kb instead of the original 906kb.

So I’m gonna look for the duplicates with max 256kb and change them on our BTTV dashboard.

Thanks for your advice!
Stay healthy!

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