Some emotes aren't showing up?

I was watching xqc recently and found out I don’t see emotes such as OMEGALUL and SCHIZO. Now im pretty sure he has them enabled as they’re most spammed. I bought a new pc I used to see those emotes on my old pc but now I don’t see them which is really annoying considering whole chat is spamming for example OMEGALUL and I can’t seem to see it. Any help?

Hey @Luka37!

There are competing emotes extensions to BetterTTV, and it seems xQc switched in part to one of them, I suggest asking in chat which emote extension he’s using on top of BetterTTV.

You can see a list of the emotes in xQc’s chat on BetterTTV here. If the emotes you’re looking for aren’t on this page, then he’s using a different extension for these.

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