!SO with link to the touser you tagged

I want to create a shoutout with !so that repiles $(touser) then adds the URL to the touser aswell

I have created a command
@$(touser) is a legend go check them out https://youtube.com/channel/$(userid)
but for some reason, it does get the bot to @reply to the right user but the URL always directs to the moderator’s channel that sent out the !so

I want to set it up so that the URL changes to the person you tagged in the !so but I can’t for the life of me work out how to do this

To my knowledge nightbot has no way of getting someone else’s userid it will just be whoever used the command so I don’t think you can really make that command atleast not that way.

that’s disappointing but thanks

this is the Variables I used to get the URL
$(touser) is a another cool streamer on Twitch. Go check them out at… $(twitch $(touser) “{{url}} They were last playing {{game}}”)

Hey @saya_bloodraven!

Thank you for sharing your solution, but the question was regarding YouTube — not Twitch — for which we don’t have a solution yet.

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Ah, My apologies I hadn’t looked at the URL the OP posted.

I wasn’t aware Nightbot Supported Youtube TBH. I guess I overlooked that.


Hey looking further into this YouTube does offer a way to to get a users channel id the only problem being that it’s appears you have to have access to the api (an api key) YouTube Data API V3: How to get the user id based on the channel name? - Stack Overflow

(Anyone can get a key if they have a google developers account but it seems it costs $25)

However I may look into providing my own api endpoint that connects to this api to get a user id for free in the future

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