!so command allowing for last game played

I’ve perused similar topics and copied the commands with no luck. just looking for some help to find some good tutorials that work or a proper command link. Any help is appreciated! thanks!

Here’s an example of an !so command that links the channel’s name and last-streamed game.

!addcom -cd=5 !so $(twitch $(touser) "Go check out {{displayName}} at {{url}}! They were last playing {{game}}")

thank you. Tried that one however and it wouldn’t do the last game playing. May be my fault idk. I did find this though.
Be sure to follow $(touser) at $(twitch $(touser) “{{url}} They were last playing {{game}}”).
Kinda similar.

The most likely error is in messing up the formatting when copying and pasting. Specifically speaking, the straight quotes need to stay as straight quotes. You may want to try adding these commands directly through the Nightbot dashboard.

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