Skipping songs command

I know that moderators and up are able to skip songs, but is there somehow possible that only selected mods are able to use the skip command or if in worst case scenario, no mods at all can use the command?


The only solution I can think of that blocks mods from using !skipsong is to go to and change the !songs userlevel to Owner. However, this is pretty much a permissions carpet bomb; no one except you will then be able to use any song commands in chat. Viewers who want to request songs won’t be able to use !requestsong in chat, instead they will have to go to this link[CHANNEL_NAME]/song_requests

If you do use this solution (perhaps only temporarily) and still want some mods to be able to skip songs, you can give certain mods manager permissions. Check out Be sure to only give manager permissions to mods you highly trust, because this not only gives them complete control over your song requests, but they will be able to edit your commands and chat filters behind the scenes as well.

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