Single command to change Title and Game?

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A channel I mod for would like a command set up that changes stream title and game in the same command. Can a custom command do this please ?

From what I understand so far, the first would have to be done as a custom command (e.g. the title change) and have an alias to do the game change ?

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they want the stream title to just be the name of the game they’re playing?

if that’s the case… i’m not sure it would work, but i spose u could make a custom command called !game and alias it to the built-in !title… try this…

!addcom !game -a=!title -ul=moderator $(query)

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Thanks for the suggestion but that wouldn’t change the game though would it ? Wouldn’t it only change the title ?

To explain better, I want to set up a single command e.g. !wot, which then changes title to something like “Playing World of Tanks like a Superstar” and changes game to “World of Tanks”.

Then have another command for a different game e.g. !fifa, which then changes title to something like “Losing BADLY trying to play Fifa 23 - Come in and have a good laugh !” and changes game to “Fifa 23”.

Then other commands for other games maybe, but the main point is the not having to type anything other than !wot and !fifa.

I know I COULD do it with 2 separate commands per game with aliases, e.g…
!wot1 and !wot2 (where 1 does game and 2 does title)
!fifa1 and !fifa2
but would like to make it neater :slight_smile:

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uuuhh… i’m not sure if that could possibly be done with an api or something linking to nightbot’s api… but i actually have set that kinda thing up for some that i mod for using 2 different bots… same command triggers one bot to change game and other bot to change title… but that’s the only way i have experience with

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AH - Thanks for that. If I can’t find a solution so that NB can do it all, which I would prefer, that’s definitely at least given an idea to do it with 2 bots. Don’t know why that didn’t occur to me before, ESPECIALLY as I am already doing that for something else on my OWN stream :rofl:

Thanks very much :two_hearts:

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