Simple Counter, with view, add, & reset functions

So I am trying to do a simple PUBG Chicken Dinner counter. Where mods can add and reset the counter. And all viewers view the counter.

View Counter (everyone)
Today we have 0 Chicken Dinners!

Add Counter (mod-level-only)
Today we have 1 Chicken Dinners!
Today we have 2 Chicken Dinners! And so on…

Reset Counter (mod-level-only)
Today we have 0 Chicken Dinners!

I have tried coding this many different ways. And cant seem to get the counter to reset. -c=0 does not seem to work. Tried adding commands to delete and add commands, cant get to work either. Any help would be most appreciated.

There are already dozens of topics on the forums covering this here is one that is exactly what you need. Having trouble setting up death counter - #2 by Emily

@potatoeaterlove Thanks for quick reply, I have read most of the counter pages, but none seem to work for me. LIke many others the reset counter never seems to work.

Here is one of my most recent tries that does not reset the counter.

!addcom !chickendinner Todays Chicken Dinner Count: 0
!addcom !addcd -ul=mod -a=!editcom !chickendinner Todays Chicken Dinner Count: $(count)
!addcom !resetcd -ul=mod -a=!editcom !addcd -c=0

Please take not I did put the \ in from of -c=0 not showing up on page.

Well the simplest explanation is you aren’t calling !addcd again after you reset the counter. Which you would know to do if you read the post I linked. Though if this isn’t the issue please let me know.

@potatoeaterlove Not the issue. Understood, it resets back to 1. But never to zero. Is there another way to code so it resets to zero without deleting and adding the command again. I have read many issues with the same exact questions, with different variations. But never seem to get it back to zero without deleting. I appreciate you taking the time.

If you need it reset to zero then use \-c=-1 instead of 0

@potatoeaterlove Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time. I know it must get tiring getting the same request day after day. It worked on my end. A+ dude!

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