Sidebar and chat

Is there option for sidebar and chat to be on the same side (left side specifically)? I got it today as a bug but can not replicate it anymore. (Sidebar was furthest to the left and chat was to the right of the sidebar and to the left of the player) Thank you for your time!

Hey @FruZio1337!

Could this be what you’re looking for? In your BetterTTV settings:

No, it only switches chat with sidebar. I would like for them to be on the same side.

What is the sidebar to you? It could mean many things.

Can you take a screenshot of how Twitch currently looks like and annotate which blocks you want where? With arrows and squares, like I did in my previous screenshot would be ideal.

I see, this isn’t an option as of now, but you can submit a feature request on the BetterTTV repository.

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