Show Cat phrase removed by nightbot


Someone typed in chat the phrase show cat as the streamer has a cat and nightbot timed them out as it deemed it a banned or spammed word. Show cat is not in the filter list and neither is the word cat

What could be causing this please and how can i make nightbot ignore the phrase show cat ?

I have run a test with show ca and it is fine but show cat gets removed. I have no idea, it’s stumping me

Thanking you all in advance

Hey @xsparkyxuk!

Are you sure it’s Nightbot that timed out the user? If it were you would find one or both of these words in the Blacklist’s options under the Spam Protection settings, Nightbot doesn’t timeout users if it wasn’t configured to. Make sure the Username check isn’t enabled either.

Hey Emily,

I did a ctr F cat & show on web page before posting and the results were 0/0

I managed to find the issue, i started to deleted words from the filter until the error disappeared. (In batches otherwise i’d be there ages)

Offending word causing the issue was sh(asterisk)t. Now thinking about it “sh(asterisk) cat” would be removed because of the (asterisk) location placement. Rookie error i guess. But at least i can rest now :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your assistance in any event.


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