Shoutout command that brings up Twitch clips

Hi, I have a simple question in two parts.

  1. I am seeing twitch streamers shouting out other streamers in their chat, Nightbot responding in chat, and clips of the recipient of the shoutout playing over the stream. Is Nightbot actually the entity responsible for picking and playing the clip, or is it another service that goes uncredited?

Assuming it is a feature of Nightbot brings me to the next question;

  1. How can I opt out of this feature? I want to revoke any means Nightbot has of showing my clips on other channels. I don’t want my own content featured on anybody else’s streams.

Hey @allonbachuth!

Nightbot doesn’t have the ability to display content over a stream, it can only responds in chat.

A quick Google search led me to this tool/API that allows people to set up such feature.

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