Shoutout command does not work when using @ to tag someone

Hi there,

I am helping someone with their commands, but shoutout is not working for us. Currently the command we have is: Go check out [touser] at[touser] ! They were last streaming some [twitch]!

When typing their name in, it works fine, however when tagging them with @name in chat, it adds the @ to the username and what they were streaming does not work (I assume because it cannot find a twitch name starting with @name).

We have tried a few others, such as:

$(twitch $(touser) “If you haven’t yet, follow {{displayName}} at {{url}} - They are awesome!”)
$(twitch $(eval a=decodeURIComponent( $(querystring) );a.charAt(0)== @ ?a.slice(1):a) “Go check out {{displayName}} at {{url}}”)
$(twitch $(user) “Go check out {{displayname}} over at {{url}}!”) (I understand this one might be screwed up because it is “user” and not “touser”

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently we are just doing !so and typing out the username, but would like to be able to tag the person to make it easier.

Hey @OfficialTiggy!

You don’t need to add the @ (at) to tag people, it works by typing the beginning of the name and hitting Tab as well.

That being said, I understand that habits are hard to change, and you might want to take in account every possibilities to prevent the command from breaking, so here’s a fix to remove the @ in case someone uses it to tag people:

$(twitch $(eval a=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`); a.replace(/@/g,``)) "Go check out {{displayName}} at {{url}} ! They were last streaming some {{game}}.")

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