Shoutout command | Automatic shoutout when streamers enter chat?

Hi guys. Need help with a command I can use to acknowledge/welcome other streamers on my Twitch channel giving their full Twitch streaming URL … something like !str Nick which would give a response along the lines of “Nick streams at twitch tv/ then their twitch name - Nick_Stream. Why not take a look and give him (or her) a follow.”

On a friend’s channel, one of his mods kindly gave me the command line they use but when I tried it, it didn’t display properly. I know it’s not possible to get an automated version as Twitch presumably wouldn’t know which users stream and those which don’t. Of course if Nightbot can, that would be even better! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for any help/assistance. Nick

Hey @Nick_Jay!

Sorry but Nightbot can’t know who streams and who doesn’t so you can’t automate such command, the closest you’ll get is a mod calling a !shoutout/!so command for streamers entering the chat.

Hi Emily. Yes I didn’t think it would be possible to automate it and I know the !so command to call it but what should the syntax be please? It’s not a default command as far as I know.

Sure thing, the command is the following:

!addcom !so -ul=mod $(twitch $(touser) "Follow {{displayName}} at {{url}} They were last playing {{game}}.")

If you copy/paste this command directly in your chat it should add the command to your Nightbot.
You can make the message a bit more personal if you want to. Just make sure to write it between the " (quotation marks) and to keep the {{variables}} the way they’re written.
Then the syntax of the command is: !so USERNAME

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Thank you Emily. Perfect, just what I needed. :slight_smile:

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