Setting up world times

I cant figure out why this command wont work. I keep getting invalid variable as the result.

It’s now $(time.Brazil/Sao Paulo) in Campina, Brasil ; $(time.America/New_York) in New York, US ; $(time.Canada/Mountain) in Kimberley, CA ; $(time.Europe/London) in London, UK ; $(time.America/Matamoros) in Jalisco, MX ; $(time.Europe/Berlin) in Berlin, DE ; $(time.America/Santiago) in Santiago, CL ; $(time.Australia/Melbourne) in Melbourne, AU

Hey @cypher441!

That’s because you use $(time) wrong, read the documentation, or rather read it over again (since you got the timezones right I assume you did).
I don’t know where you saw that dots . were used, $(time) doesn’t give you an object, but a string.

Thank you so much i went back over it and got it working.

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