Set Marker not working

my !marker command is not working.

Hey @toxxictinkerbell!

What do you mean it’s not working, give us more details, like what you’re doing, what you expect, and what actually happens?

If the bot doesn’t respond to !marker, make sure the command is enabled.
If it was enabled, or if the bot responds with an error message: try logging out of the dashboard (click on your profile picture on the top right corner), then logging back in.

The command is enabled. If its put in chat !marker it says “Nightbot was unable to authenticate with Twitch’s API. The channel owner may need to login at [nightbot…] to fix this.” I then go to Nightbot but i don’t know where to fix it at. I have disabled and re enabled the command and it still says the same.

Yes, so try what the bot says, which is what I suggested as well in the second part of my message (log out then back in); that is if you’re the channel owner, otherwise get them to follow our directions.

I did log out and back in :frowning: and it still says the same.

Ah, alright.
Sometimes it needs you to wait a bit of time before you log back in, but we won’t do that, I’ll give you the method to guarantee that it’ll fix your authentication issue:

Log out from your Nightbot dashboard again, then go to your Twitch’s connections settings, scroll down and look for Nightbot under Other Connections, Disconnect it, after that go back to Nightbot and log back in, re-authorize the app; your problem should be solved!

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