Send $username and a Text Variable to Google Sheets

Hello everybody,

I would like to use Nightbot in this way:

  1. The chat users will use a custom command called !studying + “text”.
  2. Nighbot will send the information to Google Sheets: Column1 for “User” and Column2 for “Text”
  3. All the info in this database will be shown in the screen, like a table showing “User1 is studying Text1”, “User2 is studying Text2”, etc.

I think that this should be programmed in GoogleSheets API, but I do not have programming abilities.

Anyone could make this programming this for me? I will pay for it.
Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately you’ll going to need to create a Custom API between Nightbot and Google that the request gets sent. While it might be possible to fetch information the update method requires at PUT HTTP Method while Nightbot will only use a GET (using $(urlfetch)) to fetch information.

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