Seems like they want to reset their BTTV settings?

Hi guys, Trying to help this user with their question and what i should reply with. any ideas? I will credit you and the forum :slight_smile:


Hey @notjoker28!

I don’t understand their issue tbh, but almost every time BetterTTV doesn’t behave as expected it’s Twitch testing new features, and often only a few users have it so it’s not possible to fix.

What I’d try is have them temporarily disable BetterTTV and see if the issue persists, if it does it’s Twitch testing stuff, otherwise it’s BetterTTV and may be in their settings, so resetting them may help.
If it’s determined to very likely be a bug you can advise them to report it on the GitHub, they will need to be specific and clearer than this tho’, including screenshots can go a long way sometimes because people don’t always use the same words to describe something.

No need to credit me personally, I’m not looking for Reddit’s attention.

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