See no BetterTTV Emotes

I can see all BetterTTV emotes on one Twitch channel, but no emotes work on the other channel
(same account of mine)
I installed all 3 Twitch Add Ons ( 7TV, BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ ) I’ve also tried everything (reinstalled, tried Chatterino)

Hey @zloiiq!

Some BetterTTV emotes are channel-specific. If you can see some emotes in a channel, but you can’t see those same emotes on another channel, chances are those emotes are channel-specific. You can share the emotes of the first channel, and then add them to your second channel.

Also, 7TV is known to break BetterTTV.

Yes, but there are emotes on both channels and they always worked beforehand

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