Search feature request: Sort by "Most Popular"

Hello BTTV-Team.
It has been years now that I realised this issue and I want to mention it fiinally.

A real example here: I saw the “GIGACHAD” emote on Discord and thought “Hey, let me add this to my own Discord through BTTV.” Sounds simple.

Now going to the search and typing in “GIGACHAD” shows a ton of GIGACHAD emotes from a ton of creators, but never is the search sorted by “most popular” or “most downloaded”, which the “Top Emotes” section on the right always is - at least that is how it looks like.

So my request is:
Please sort searches by “most popular” all the time or add a button/buttons to find the most popular emotes first and then the rest further down.

Currently this is how you find most popular emotes:
If I wanted to find a certain emote that I see a lot, I would have to go “Top Emotes”, then scroll really far down, so it loads multiple pages and dozens or even hundreds of emotes in the browser, so I can then CTRL + F and find the emote that way.
This is so backwards and shouldn’t be the case, when there is a search function on the top right.

I still want to mention this though.
Without your service/tool, streaming and communicating with people on Discord would be a lot more boring.

Thank you for your hard work!

Best regards,

Hey @danielbr93!

For feature requests use the GitHub repository, search if your suggestion has already been submitted before opening a new issue, if so feel free to complete the already existing one, otherwise create a new one.

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