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Click to pause is standard on almost every video player but Twitch’s, and i think that may be too specific of a toggle to justify the option being there. As of now, there are no plans to add that feature.

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PLEASE make plans on adding a toggle. There is no need to pause a livestream. The pause button in the lower left corner does its job just fine.

I’m not part of the BTTV development team, I’m just restating what @night said on the Discord when the same discussion came up. I’d imagine if enough people request the feautre, it’l be added.

Why is this even a forced option? The greatest thing about BTTV has always been all the toggle-ables. If anything I would report this as a bug, not a feature.

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The ability to toggle has been added and is now live.

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Holy hell this drove me insane and I thought it was something Twitch did (and subsequently reported to them). I kept pausing the video whenever I switched focus to my other monitor running a stream in theater or fullscreen mode. It didn’t matter where I clicked (sans chat)

Someone on twitter notified me it was actually BTTV and there’s (now) an option for it.

The latest changelog is still for 68R55. Where is the release notes for the recent updates?

Been using bttv for as far as I can remember and this is my only complaint with it. This should be disabled by default, in my opinion, as it’s something pretty strange for twitch. I kept clicking it when switching back to the stream window from another program and thought my internet was cutting off randomly.

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