Scrolling texts for song requests

Ive recently started using the feature where i can add what song is playing on my stream overlay and i love it a alot.
I was just wonsering if there is a way to make the text scroll as well? Currently it is just showing and some songs take up my whole screen.

Thank you in advanced!

Thanks for responding…

Hey @KHsensei!

If you didn’t get a reply it’s probably because it’s unclear what you want.
Or because what you’re asking for isn’t related to Nightbot, which I think is the case here.

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Understandable really ha. Thank you for the response! I wasnt sure if it was trully night bot related but had to ask anyways. I just wish i could make the music text scroll on screen

What do you mean by “music text”? You have to clarify this first, and then ask in the right place.
• For SLOBS support go here
• For OBS support go here
¹ assuming you have Discord.

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