Script language for better commands

Will you add any script language into the bot’s api for creating better commands without using external api’s ?
just something like

…JS Code…
that will return a string


No, the point of the customapis are so that the logic and what is done can be done as large or small as is needed and so that there is much less of an effect on the bots performance. If nightbot was constantly trying to run JS code everytime it ran a command in the thousands of channels it was in then there would be an issue, not to mention code that loops infinitely, crashes, or is bad. Many users don’t know how to code in JS and, as is shown by the Alias feature, will try and use such a thing and not do it right and will then hurt their experience with nightbot.

CustomAPIs are a much, much better system for this as all the logic and code is pushed off for something else to handle, and the response is what nightbot is caring about.

hmm… yeah, you right.

It’s possible we might add additional functionality, but it will likely will not be in the form of raw code executed within the existing command responses system. As @Slikrick stated, it’s extremely hard to run logic like that without abuse, and commands are were not designed with that type of logic in mind (max message length is 1000 characters, even). The logic has to be taken out of our message parsing system in order to make it approachable, since we can then properly isolate any untrusted code that can be abused/crash without affecting Nightbot.

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