Saving query information

Hi, I know this has definitely been asked before, but I can’t find anything on it. I’m basically trying to make a “better” polling system where users can vote for whatever they want.(Ex. !vote stone;!vote pie —> Text: 1:“stone”;2:“pie”) This information would be saved as text anywhere and then counted up later on (off-stream). If this doesn’t have an easy answer I can use third party sites like polly, just figured I’d check if there was an easy way to better integrate things.

Nightbot has a poll command that uses Straw Poll.

Thank you for the response, I know about the poll command, however strawpoll requires me to set the options, I would like chat to have control over the options. So chat could put anything after !vote and that would become their vote

Hey you should look at this [CustomAPI] Quote system

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