Running 2 commands from 1

I’m trying to make a downs counter…,
!commands add !downs Oh fiddlesticks Gran has been down 1 times tonight
!commands add !down -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !downs Oh fiddlesticks Gran has been down $(count) times
These commands work, !down adds to the count !downs displays the number of times.
But I want !down to also display the number of times down (all it does now is reply with “The command “!downs” has been edited successfully.”). So after !down edits !downs I want it to display !downs, or print out the number of times down (like the !downs command)
so I need !down to do the alias AND print out “Oh fiddlesticks Gran has been down 1 times tonight”
Thanks for any help

Well, you can’t do that in such a short period of time, because nightbot has a 5s delay on each command so when you edit the command you would need 5s to wait to execute it, because of this it is not possible for nightbot to send all the commands followed.

Hey @frank_elfranko!

As @Donexi said, this isn’t possible, but not for the reason they mentioned.

A command can only have one alias, and that alias can’t have an alias. Here your !down command already has !commands edit for alias, so it can’t call !downs. And, even though it’s not possible, you wouldn’t want !downs to be an alias of !commands edit, it would break some functionalities of the bot.

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