Restrict access to song list

Hi all,

I’m a mod for a Twitch channel and we’re trying to find a way to prevent regulars from accessing !song list. Is there a way to make it so just mods can use this command?


What is the point in restricting the list command? It doesn’t actually limit the link, so people could still access it that way. And seeing the list isn’t really special or anything.

Since !songs is a single command that has a lot of varieties, you can’t limit any of those “subcommands”

Our streamer is tired of users getting upset if their songs aren’t played in order. So if we restricted access to the song list, it might calm them down. I think we should just tell them outright that songs may not be played in order, but was asked to research options.

I do not see a point for making the list hidden, sorry. Songs are always played in order if the streamer is using the AutoDJ properly, so this confusion should never be possible for normal operation.

That’s just it, he’s not using autodj. He manually picks the songs he’s going to play.

That being said, we’ve decided to just put a notification on a timer that they may not be played in order.


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