Requesting a song from personal playlist

There used to be the “!songs list play” command on old nightbot but I can’t seem to find a method of doing it on the beta, will this be replaced?

This will not be returning, sorry. The new song request system allows users to request by name, so there is no reason for keeping a separate list any longer.

the problem I’m having with this is that when I request a song by name it has to be much more specific than what it used to be with the playlist feature. for example with a song that is remixed, I would have to look up the version of the song that is on my playlist anyway in which case I might as well just go grab the link for it which kind of defeats the purpose of requesting a song by shorthand. This also goes for songs with lyric videos, different playback qualities on youtube, songs with long intros edited out, censored/uncensored versions, etc. The playlist option was really helpful in knowing exactly what you’re putting on a streamers playlist rather than hitting the “I’m feeling lucky” button for a youtube search.

Edit: I’d like to add that I think the Youtube searching feature is fantastic, I just don’t think it should be exclusive.

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