Request: Commands take text from a file

I would really like to be able to use a textfile on a server to be displayed in a command…

If you use Dropbox you can do this by syncing a file using a Dropbox public folder with the $(urlfetch) variable in the beta:

Would this only work with dropbox or any url? I have my own server running so I’d like to be able to use that…

You can use any working URL that returns a plain-text response less than 400 characters, as the docs I linked state.

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This can’t be done with non-beta nightbot?

It can be done with non-beta Nightbot, but given that we are moving users over to the new Nightbot in the near future I think it’s best if we start pushing support to the new system.

Tried this last night on YouTube Gaming and Nightbot kept returning [invalid variable]. I was using dropbox.

Edit: corrected error message

Oh gosh. Resolved. It was an issue with the variable not being in all lowercase. I work so much in Windows that I forget literally everything else is case sensitive. My bad.

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