Repetition Filter Help


So I recently discovered filters for Nightbot, I understood how to use all the filters besides the repetition filter. I don’t understand what the % is supposed to do. Thanks.

Hey @j0nathan!

From the documentation:

This is the minimum percentage of repetitions posted before Nightbot will punish the user for spamming. The default limit is 45% but can be adjusted as needed.

Assuming we’re still at the default repetition percentage: 45%
This means that if I say:

The blue cat

And then

The red cat

It’ll look at the percentage of repetition, in my case, 2/3 words are the same, so that’s 66% of repetition, which means my second message will be timed out.

If however I was to say as a second message

The blue cat is sleeping on the yellow car

I have 3/9 words that are the same, so the repetition percentage is only 33%, therefore my message will go trough.

Oh, Thanks for explaining, it makes much more sense now :slight_smile:

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