Remove self as Nightbot manager

I would like to be removed as a manager for a channel I no longer mod for. The streamer in question is unlikely to do so and it’s cluttering my list of channels I manage. I read all the similar posts and all of them redirect me here as opposed to some type of support ticket. I’m kind of surprised that you don’t offer managers the ability to remove themselves, as it renders them extremely dependent on the goodwill of the streamer…seems like a very one-sided system. Anyway, I would appreciate the help with getting myself removed from that channel. Thank you.

I belive the only way to achieve this is to send an email to be manually removed by staff:

Thanks, but the link to email takes me right to this forum. There is no form to contact other than here - believe me I’ve clicked every link I can find. Hoping one of the admins replies and gives me a way to send that email. :pleading_face:

Have you tried on the Doscord ?

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Going to NightDev and you should be able to email them :slight_smile:

As @zoeballz suggested you could also ask on the discord server

Hey @stbridgit!

On the contact page select Account Issue, then Nightbot.

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Thank you! I could not get to the email option without the correct choice in the top menu, bit of a warren really. I do see that this topic has been covered before, but as noted none of the prior replies gave specifics as to how to email the development team about it.

I want to say again that this is a real problem - managers should have the ability to easily opt out of being a stream manager without having to jump through these types of hoops. I hope they put this feature into an update.

Sorry @stbridgit,
On my end the link takes me straight to the email contact page,
I’ll remember in the future that it does not do that for others, Thankyou :slight_smile:

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