Rejected Emojis?

Good evening,

I’m an Art Director and I do know graphics, the rules are simple and I know how to follow them…

  • Transparent
  • PNG

However, I have to wait for too long to receive a message that my No. 1 emoji is not transparent when it’s 100% transparent. No. 2 emoji little text is not readable on smaller sizes, all my emojis will be only used on Discord and will not be shared so why does it even matter? It will be used at 112px size and it’s pretty much readable. No. 3 emoji is a letter, The logo is Æ which means Afterpulse Elites AE it’s a logo. Please approve it as well. Thanks. It’s not just that we have to wait for a week to get (an emoji) approved, but also rejected for no good reason. If you want people to go Pro, please make the approval system more accurate and not robotic. Because all the rejected ones were wrongly misjudged.

Every single emote is gone through by a person, we have a small team of about 8 emote approvers of which i am one of them. this is also why it takes a while, its a small team of people who do it in their free time and we get hundreds of emotes every day. That being said, it hasn’t taken more than 1 or 2 days for any emotes so i dont know what you mean by a week.

Could you please post the image that you have uploaded so that it can actually be seen? Usually we point out what we mean by transparency. Having transparent space does not mean its transparent. Any background that is not needed for the picture should be transparent.

If the text is not readable and not meant to be readable it should not be there. Also discord does not scale the images to 112 size, they are actually at about 22px (30 when they are alone) size, so small resolution IS still what matters.

If it is a single or couple letters it will not be allowed as an emote, regardless if its a logo. This is due to potential to spam across twitch and now across discord possibly using emotes to get around word filters.

It’s a logo, anyone can and will prolly spam any emoji in general, whether it’s a letter or a logo or anything else. It will not harm anyone nor it will start a financial crisis. It’s an emoji (Logo)

I posted it at that size on Discord and it was still readable. As an Art Director for over 15 years I would not need to upload something that is not readable or no one will know what it is. Again, no one and I mean no one will use those but the members on my server, I will not share it. So I don’t see the reason for being too strict with this.

The quality is much better than this, but at least you can see the transparent background.

I understand that this approval takes time, but seeing those random shared emojis and how they look, my uploaded ones should not be rejected by no means. Again, they are (Emojis) Not a living human and definitely not a matter of life or death. Please check if it follow the rules and approve it. If there is a quality issue or something that is offensive then I would understand. Please check them again. Thanks

Our informal rule for text on emotes is that if it cannot be read when scaled down it shouldn’t be on the emote. Since the “AE” on the hat is non-readable when scaled, it should be removed.

Fine, I will remove the one on the hat, even though it could be just a random red color which doesn’t hurt anything. But if you are really strict and serious with your emoji rules, I will just remove it. Can you please approve it now? I will edit it and upload it again. And also the Æ logo is visible when it’s alone too. You are the developer and I appreciate the edition you did to Discord.

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