Recreated fixed emote was rejectas as duplicate

After report emote was rejected as duplicate. But it actual is recreating of original emote, that fixes it sizes, cuts, colors.

Без имени-1

Emote link

Left side - original.
Right side - fixing emote.

What was fixed:
-Main fix: original emote was cutted. Peepo have a halfe of head and looks not so good in Chat. And to return around 20 hiden % of head this emote was recreated (redraw hand, new clothes resourse).
-Colors: more contrast with darkest clothes and more intense green skin to display better in Chat (to match skin color with anoter emotes).
-Hand size. Hand in original emote was small and seems too close to Peepo. New hand size seems like the arm is extended to strongest effect.
-Hand outline. IMHO seems better in Chat.

Afterwards: is it really still duplicate after this recreating and all fixes? Are there still chances to Approve it?

In general, the only way to prevent it from being classified as a duplicate when reuploading is to remove the old version before uploading.

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