Recover specific info from deleted command

I know that it is not possible to recovery commands once they have been deleted. My question is if it is possible to recover a URL that was used in a command? I’ve been able to go through the nightbot chat history and rebuild commands that were unfortunately removed. What I was not able to do was go through and get the URL’s that were evaluated such as $(urlfetch***********&data=$(querystring)). The token is really all I need to rebuild the commands I’ve yet to rebuild. Does nightbot have a way for a manager to see what URL was used through the chat history or some other location?

Hiya, no this data is not available, do you by change have any of the 3 tokens, maybe the other can be recovered by that (can’t promise anything).

Hey @jusrock!

If you still have the PRIVATE_TOKEN, which is 16 characters long, you can recover the PUBLIC_TOKEN, read how to do so here.
If you only have the PUBLIC_TOKEN left, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get the PRIVATE_TOKEN back, sorry.

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