Recent subscribers

Is there a nightbot api to return a list of a certain number of subscribers?

Can you elaborate on your request? Since Nightbot works on both YouTube and Twitch, it’s hard to know what you mean by “subscribers” or what you mean by “nightbot api” since Nightbot itself does not track subscribers.

For Twitch, so a list of the last 15 (or another amount) of paid subscribers to the channel will be displayed in chat. Maybe like the “Last followers” api that has the partnered streamer’s token in it?

We don’t have that available yet, but it is on the to-do list. We plan to extend the $(twitch) variable with both recent followers and subscribers. Right now we’re working on final touches to the beta so that we can merge all old users into the beta, and after that we’ll be working to add new features.

Thank you for your help

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