Reading and writing to a php file

I am trying to make 2 commands, one which will read from a php file, and one which edits the variables being read, getting nightbot to read from the file is easy but I cant make edited variables permanent, every time it adds 1 to the var which starts at 0, and nightbot says in chat “1” but the next time I run the command I want nightbot to say “2” but it still says “1”. i cant just use the inbuilt count function because the command will read many different variables and return them all.
This is what i have currently for testing (doesnt include the 9 other variables, just the first one “bow”)


$one = 1;
$bow = 0;
$strQuery = strtolower(trim(urldecode($_GET[‘query’])));
case ‘bow’:
$bow = $bow + $one;
echo $bow;



Hiya, you will have to store that counter data somewhere, database, file or whatever. If you set $bow hardcoded to 0 and $one to 1, it will always be 0+1.

how would i store it in a different file?

Thats up to you, use the PHP functions to store the value the way you like.

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