Rating command but random each time (nightbot/twitch)

Hello everyone, I am looking to make a command that will allow the user in twitch to do a !rate command and obtain a different rating each time. the current code I have found ( listed below ) allows the rating to occur but stays the same for that specific viewer. I believe I should use random but am unsure as how I would incorporate that, or maybe it only works for percentages ? I appreciate any help, Thank you!!!

here is the code
$(eval $(userid)%11)/10

$(eval $(user)==USER?[0:Math.ceil]
(Math.random()*10))/10 figured it out from another code posted by someone else, just add words

If anyone knows a better way then I posted above please let me know

Hey @Soundwave!

So you just want to generate a random number, right? Check this topic:

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