!rank Splitgate Command

I have started to stream a lot of Splitgate and as I want to grind the game a bit I was hoping for a !rank command to add to my twitch commands. This has been done with many other games and was wondering if it was at all possible with Splitgate or if there is one out there already?

As there is currently 2 ranked gamemodes for Splitgate I would love to see it done layout wise similar to the Rocket League !rank command many people use.

e.g 4v4: Gold 2 2,469 MMR | Takedown: Gold 2 2,743 MMR

Cheers ^-^

Hiya, I’ll have a look at this…


The game is still in beta so I doubt there’s an API for such data yet, in fact I’ve looked at their website and there’s no mention of it, so I think you’ll have to wait a bit, unless there’s one I’m not aware of?

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I thought of this as well but I thought I could pull it from https://tracker.gg/developers/docs/titles/splitgate similar to how people did the warzone command from Warzone Stats Command Help. But when I tried I couldn’t figure out how to pull the right data to stylize it the way I want too e.g 4v4: Gold 2 2,469 MMR | Takedown: Gold 2 2,743 MMR

I can give you my link of stats if that will help?


Yeah, thats the API I was looking at. While this is still a work in progress, I tried setting something up quickly to fetch some data. Have a look here and test it out:



Holy!!! Thank you so much. You are a blessing. I spent a few hours not being able to figure this out and got nowhere with it. I would love to be able to see how its done so in the future I can work this out on my own haha.

Am I allowed to share this around? I mentioned I was working on it in the Splitgate Discord and many of the other creators were interested in using it if it got created.

Thanks again!

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No problemo, I haven’t tested it out well, but if it works, feel free to share it! I’ll add a disclaimer, so people can let me know if it breaks.

How it’s done? It’s on my Github, feel free to have a look there: [WIP] Splitgate by xgerhard · Pull Request #23 · xgerhard/api.2g.be · GitHub


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