Randomising reply on single command

Ok so I want nightbot to return two queries at random. What I am trying to achieve is, if a question is asked to Nightbot, it replies either yes $(user) or no $(user), with “Nightbot” being the trigger word for the command. I need a way to return either yes or no at random.

If there is usage of a custom api, it would be great if I could be linked to it too!

This command should reply to every message that starts with Nightbot.
!commands add nightbot $(user) $(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/random?format=[0]&choices=yes,no)

A few notes, it will only respond if nightbot is the first word, you can make it respond to @nightbot as well:
!commands add -a=nightbot @nightbot $(query)

The command above will link with an alias to the command I showed first, so you need to have the first one added. Same story, it only works if the message starts with @nightbot.

This command uses an urlfetch url from this topic, which picks a random value from the comma seperated list: Useful Custom APIs

thank you so much! Works great :smiley:

I am also trying to do something similar but have no idea how to achieve this. i would like to add a !funfact command. everytime they type that i would like a random fact to show up but i have been unable to do so.

Heya, a command like this should work:
!commands add !funfact $(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/random?format=[0]&choices=funfact a,funfact b,funfact c)
The random values are comma seperated.

There is a max length of the command field so you might need to shorten the link by using for example bit.ly.

A maybe better solution would be using the Quote system: [CustomAPI] Quote system
Instead of !quote you can name the command !funfact,you can easily add and edit them in your chat instead of having to change the url everytime.

Okay so what i tried was downloading the 3 quote commands. i changed !quote to !funfact and !addquote to !addfunfact. once i did that i redownloaded the 3 quote commands so im at a total of 5 custom commands. i went into my chat and did the !addfunfact and it said successfully added entry #1. but when i did !funfact it says there are no quotes added.

i did this because i would like to have a quote system as well. im not sure if its conflicting or not

It shouldn’t conflict, but it adds 3 commands so make sure you modify all 3 (!quote, !addquote, !delquote).
How did you rename them? Did you use the dashboard? That sounds like pretty strange behavior.

I renamed them !addfunfact !delfunfact !funfact from the dashboard. then i tried to add the facts in my Twitch chat.

I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. You can try doing the manual installation too.

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