Random User API

With this random user api ( https://2g.be/twitch/randomviewer.php?channel=$(channel)) being shut down, does anyone have any alternatives to use?


Hiya, have not seen one yet.

Hi, do you know any updates regarding development default commands based on !winner, but which returns only nickname random chatter?

Haven’t seen an updated api as of yet. Such a shame it’s shut down

I’m so sad this got shut down does anyone know why?

Really hoping this gets fixed, we have so many commands based on it

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Hi, Emily. Do you know how !winner works? Is it possible to add new argument for NightBot as $(random_chatter) based on random from !winner command?

Yes, it’s been suggested before, the dev showed interest in such variable, though he’s very busy, so I don’t know when it could be added.

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