Random Number Giveaway not working w/ YT

I’ve search and found some closed post, but nothing definitive.

Nightbot GAWs are working fine with Active User, but when I use the Random Number option and someone picks the correct number…NOTHING! I believe Nightbot is supposed to insert the winner into the chat? Or at the VERY least, pop up the winner in Nightbot in the center like it does for Active User giveaways?

Also, I’ve noticed that the “Chat” window on the right does NOT show the YouTube live chat entries. Should it? Is that an issue?


Make sure you’re viewing “live chat” and not “top chat,” as YouTube will typically filter out bot messages otherwise. Additionally, the chat shown on the giveaway page is the default live chat for your account. Unfortunately YouTube has potentially multiple chat rooms per channel, and our page does not support that currently.

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