Rage meter command?

is it possible to make a rage meter or something similar.

`!addcom !rage -ul=mod  Loading…█ █ █ █ █ ▒▒▒▒▒ $(query)`

everytime the streamer rages i want the loading bar to go up, for now I can only change the percentage using $(query)

Hey @Tezi!

That’s a fun idea!
From your example I understand that the loading bar rises by 10% steps.

So here’s the command:

!addcom !rage -ul=mod $(eval e=`░`; f=`█`; c=`$(count)`; c%=10; if(c==0){c=10} `Loading... ${f.repeat(c)}${e.repeat(10-c)} — ${c*10}%`)

You won’t need to edit the counter, once it reaches 100%, it’ll start over at 10% the next time the command is called.

And just for fun I include another loading bar design:

!addcom !rage -ul=mod $(eval e=`_`; f=`#`; c=`$(count)`; c%=10; if(c==0){c=10} p=[]; l=`${f.repeat(c)}${e.repeat(10-c)}`; p.push(l.slice(0,5)); p.push(l.slice(5)); `Loading... [${p[0]}${c*10}%${p[1]}]`)
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