Quote List for NightBot

I’m using NightBot and the quote commands. Is there a way to see all quotes in a list? Where I can also edit them?

Nightbot doesn’t have a built-in quote list function. Are you using ehsankia’s quote CustomAPI?

No, why are you asking?

As @RokettoJanpu said, Nightbot doesn’t have a quote functionality built-in, so you would have to show us what command you are using before we can answer your questions.

Oh ok, I understand.

I have these commands so far:

!addquote $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=[...]&data=$(querystring))

!delquote $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/delquote?token=[...]&data=$(querystring))

!quote $(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=[...]&data=$(querystring))

Please remove the tokens in the urls from your posts, they are private… this gives other people access to manage your quotes.

…reading further into the topic: I guess what you are suggesting is that I should use “ehsankia’s quote CustomAPI”???

You are already using that one, you can find information about it here: [CustomAPI] Quote system

I don’t think it’s possible to edit quotes from a list, but you can edit them manually by using a command, see the last part of the first post.
If this isn’t what you are looking for, you can post suggestions in that thread.

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This command displays the quotes. It gets a certain entry from the list if you specify it (that’s what data=$(querystring) allows for) or it’ll get a random quote if you leave it unspecified.

Now there is a way to view a list of all your quotes. Take the token from your !quote command. This is your public token and it’s not a huge risk if anyone else knows it because they can only use this to view your quotes, not edit them. Go to: http://twitch.center/customapi/quote/list?token=PUBLIC_TOKEN But like xger said you can’t edit the quotes just from using the !quote command or viewing the list… which brings me to the addquote/delquote functions.

These two commands are already the ones you need to edit the quote list (notice the addquote/delquote). There are two ways you can edit your quotes. You can use these commands OR run the URLs (http://twitch.center/customapi/addquote?token=[...]&data=$(querystring)) in a browser.

One last thing: I advise making !addquote and !delquote mod-only, otherwise anyone in chat can edit your quotes.

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