Questions regarding emote rejection

I’m just curious why 2 of my emotes are being rejected. 1 is an animated version of an emote that has already been approved, the other is one of my OC crying. All my emotes have been custom commissioned are not taken, and the animations have been done my myself.

Please post the emotes, it’s a bit difficult to guess at what the emotes are.

Sorry, I thought my account would show them.


Once an emote is deleted, it is completely removed from the system.

The issue with that emote can be seen here:

As you can see there is a white border around the image.

Oh ok, my bad. I wasn’t sure.
As for that border I will remove it. Must be an issue added during the animation process. Thanks for that clarification.

As for the bible thump, that was the example I requested, the artist told me a parody of it wouldn’t infringe, I will have it redone.

Again, thank you.

You are correct, BibleThump doesn’t infringe any BetterTTV rules. Feel free to reupload with this thread as justification. Apologies for the confusion.

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