Question about what could be causing this error message: Code generation from strings disallowed for this context


I was able to setup a urlfetch call by following the thread below:

here is the code I’m using for my command:

I am getting a new error message which is:

Code generation from strings disallowed for this context.
The code is the same as below

$(eval w=$(urlfetch json;r=w.slice(,w.indexOf(<tr,,75).replace(///g,).replace(/<td>|<tr>|td>/g,); )

Thank you for any help provided!

Hey @Dan_Huang!

To me it seems like it just takes some time for the website to update, so that’s not something any of us can have an influence on, sorry.
Nightbot will pull the current/latest version of the website every time the command is called, it doesn’t store any variable data in a memory, so it can’t get “stuck” on a specific value.

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Are you using Pastebin Dan_Huang? Because I am currently getting the same issue and it is only on my Pastwbin commands.

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