Question About Copyright Laws w/ Emotes

Hey everyone. I’ve been streaming off and on on Twitch for a little over a year or so but just recently started using BTTV to make emotes for my channel. One of the emotes I made “stoneHi” is clearly the pokemon Wobbuffet giving a salute. Is this against ToS? I would’ve thought that if it was, it wouldn’t have gotten approved but it did. A friend of mine got me worried and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. If it is against ToS and is not allowed, then I will take it down immediately and come up with a better solution.

^ This is the Emote in Question ^

Thank you!

We can’t really know the exact rules of copyright for each and every known thing out there, it would basically be impossible. There are some obvious ones that we know about that are no-goes, and we don’t let those through, but for some they are fine. Oftentimes big companies are fine with people using their stuff if it would be too much of a hassle to go after everyone and if people aren’t making a profit off of their work.

If there is a copyright issue then the copyright holder is free to contact nightdev via the contact form (since the site is hosting the emote) and ask to remove any emote infringing on their copyright. You as a user should have nothing to worry about.

Okay cool. So if I leave it up and they want it taken down, I’m not at fault? I just don’t want to get in trouble D:

@Slikrick is mistaken. If you knowingly upload copyrighted material you are breaking our Terms of Service agreement and we will terminate your account.

Okay. I will remove the emote myself. I don’t know pretty much anything about copyright infringement, I thought the approval process would have told me it was against ToS. Sorry about that! This won’t happen again :smiley:

Just deleted it. Thank you for your swift response!

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